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Tulku (2009)

”Gesar Mukpo was three when he became one of the first people born in the West to be recognized as a tulku the present-day reincarnation of a Buddhist master. For his entire life, he’s been trying to figure out what that really means.”

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Holy Hell: chilling Sundance doc reveals the truth about life in a cult

”Will Allen’s 20-years-in-the-making exposé of a Californian cult and its mysterious leader has left Sundance audiences – including former cult members – in tears” (Gregory Ellwood, The Telegraph, 26 January 2016).

”What was most apparent about these survivors was that years after their utopia came crashing down many of them still relished and miss the love the community provided them before its darkest days.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgsToq6Qlms[/embedyt]

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”Kumaré” (2012)

Vikram Gandhi utger sig för att vara den andlige ledaren Kumaré och lyckas få anhängare. Filmen har tidigare visats i svensk teve, och går nu att beställa på DVD eller ladda ned via nätet: Kumare Movie

Kumaré is a feature documentary film about the time filmmaker Vikram Gandhi impersonated a fake guru and built a following of real people. Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at SXSW 2011. (Från KumareMovie.com)


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”Decoding Deepak” (2012)

Gotham Chopra, son till den andlige ledaren och bestseller-författaren, slår följe med sin far under något år för att lära känna honom bättre.

Film-maker and journalist Gotham Chopra embarks on a year long roadtrip with his father Deepak Chopra in an attempt to resolve the spiritual icon he is to the world vs. the real man known to his family. From devoted disciples that range from Lady Gaga to lost souls searching for themselves in the red rock deserts of Sedona, Gotham begins to paint a raw portrait of his dad that only a son can. The film travels across the planet chronicling colorful Deepak activities – from a traditional monk ordainment in Thailand to a literal decoding of ancient family registers in rural India. On the homefront, Gotham also takes a closer look at the expansive spiritual empire his father has built over his 25 year career that initially was conceived out of Deepak’s own deep personal and spiritual dissatisfaction, and a decidedly non-spiritual (and boozy) origin.
Ultimately what emerges is a picture of a Deepak that while reminiscent of other popularized Indian gurus, is more dad than demigod. Full of flaws, foils, intelligence, and irreverence, the decoded Deepak uncovered by his son’s honest scrutiny of him is a symbol of a world searching for answers in the most unlikely places and a deeper plunge into the meaning of identity itself. (från Snagfilms.com)


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