Beginning in the Spring of 2020 I’ve held some “webinars” in Swedish, thru Facebook Live. On the subject of Alternative Spiritualities and Psychology. Later on I decided to continue in English, now on YouTube, in part building on the same material. This link takes you to the YouTube homepage: https://www.ediv.se/live

Here is a short introduction to the series: “At the Borders of Mysticism” (3 min):

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New 15-minute-episodes is uploaded irregularly. Usually 1-2 times a week

Spring of 2020

April 20, 2020
“Background / Who am I? (Part 2)”

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April 10, 2020
“Background / Who am I?”

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April 19, 2020
“Man’s existential conditions & The New Age”

“Spirituality with or without ‘a God’?” “Man’s existential conditions & The New Age” At the Borders of Mysticism (Ep1) Apr 19, 2020 Some reflexions upon the nature of, and the place of, “God” within New Age spirituality. A youtube-clip with Alan Watts makes a place for departure on thinking around the absence of a relational god within modern spirituality, in general.

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April 26, 2020
“The Enigma of God”

“Psychological perspectives on ‘A silent God’ within us all?”

This episode takes an online lecture by Brian Swimme (“The journey for the Universe”) as one of its departure points. Another point of departure is a tv-program about a young woman looking for her unknown father. References to attachment theory, Sigmund Freud and some of his followers, different types of spirituality, among other things.

A litte too long episode, with some technical problems, as well. About a dozen illustrations and quotations, which are mentioned during the talk, is never seen. These you’ll fint here: https://youtu.be/pOReK-CoN5o (5 min)

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